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Membership Frequently Asked Questions

Contact the TMSA Office

Problem with your membership? Please get in touch with the National Office directly using our contact form, email or telephone us on 07922533915. We're here to help.

Usually, the TMSA will endeavour to respond to your enquiry within one week. However, please bear with us if you don't immediately received an answer to your email or message. We have a one part-time member of staff and there may occasionally be a delay due to volume of work or staff absence etc.

We have found over the years that many of our members ask us similar kinds of questions and we have compiled a list below of these common membership problems. You may find the answer to your question below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have not received a copy of the TMSA newsletter or mailings for many months.

  • Have you moved home within the last year? It's possible that you may have forgotten to inform the TMSA.
  • Are your membership payments up to date? We send you a letter with each newsletter telling you when your membership is due or when it has lapsed but after a year we have to stop sending lapsed reminders as we can no longer afford the cost of printing and postage without the money from your subscription.
  • More and more frequently we are finding that items we send out in the post are going astray even when they are correctly addressed. We often receive items which have been returned marked 'addressee gone away' but when we contact members to check, they are very much still where they said they were! The newsletter is sent out usually quarterly - just let us know if your newsletter hasn't arrived and we will send a replacement copy.

Q. I have received a letter with my newsletter telling me that my membership subscription has lapsed. Why was I not sent a reminder just before my membership was due?

  • The simple reason is one of cost. In order to keep membership subscriptions at an affordable rate, we only send out information about your membership at the same time as your quarterly newsletter is dispatched to you. The letter will tell you when you last paid and when you are due to renew. It will also let you know if your membership has lapsed.
  • It could also be that you have lodged a standing order with us for membership payments but we have not received payments recently through this channel. Please check you, or your bank, have not inadvertently cancelled your standing order!

Q. I have received a letter with my newsletter telling me that my membership subscription has lapsed but I have just paid my subscription.

  • This is usually a matter of timing. We endeavor to process membership subscriptions as quickly as possible but we always state in the letter that goes out with your newsletter that if you have paid your subscription within the last month, you can probably disregard a notice of your membership having lapsed.
  • If you have sent us a cheque it may be that the payment has just arrived with us as the newsletter is packaged and sent out. However, you may want to contact us to make sure that your cheque has arrived safely, just in case, especially if your cheque was sent more than a month before you receive your newsletter.
  • Do you pay by standing order? There is often a short delay in notification reaching us of a standing order arriving in our bank account. This can again result in the problem of the newsletter being packaged and sent to you before we have time to process your payment and update your membership record.
  • We're all fallible and the TMSA staff (busily trying to do the work of about three people with one person) are no exception! Very occasionally, because of human error when entering information on our database, your membership record may have been given an incorrect renewal date. This will result in a lapsed letter being generated by the system. If you have only recently joined the TMSA, received your welcome letter and membership card but then received a lapsed notice with your first newsletter mailing, this is the most likely explanation. Let us know and we'll sort this out immediately for you.

Q. I have cancelled my membership but the TMSA is still taking money from my bank. / I have changed to a different membership category and the TMSA is taking the wrong amount from my bank.

  • This is a common misunderstanding about the nature of Standing Orders. We have found over the years that people often confuse Standing Orders with Direct Debits. A Standing Order is an instruction you give to your bank to make a payment to a third party at a regular interval. The TMSA has no authority to change or stop a Standing Order on your behalf as it is an understanding between you and your bank. We always try to remind people who are cancelling their membership or changing to a different category of membership that they will have to contact their bank directly to cancel or change their Standing Order.

TMSA Newsletter 2016 Issue 4