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Organised by the Traditional Music and Song Association of Scotland (TMSA) – the Homecoming Scotland 2014 Sessions are a programme of Scottish traditional music sessions across Scotland from late Summer to Winter 2014, supported by EventScotland and Creative Scotland.

Homecoming 2014 Sessions -
great traditional music & song on your doorstep

Information for Venues

Organised by the Traditional Music and Song Association of Scotland (TMSA) – the Homecoming 2014 Sessions are a programme of 250-300 Scottish traditional music sessions across Scotland from late Spring to Winter 2014, supported by EventScotland and Creative Scotland.

The TMSA Homecoming 2014 Music Sessions will -

  • showcase the diverse regional music and song traditions of Scotland.
  • cultivate widespread awareness and interest in traditional music and song.
  • extend the number of venues hosting traditional music sessions and events.
  • provide opportunities for visitors and local people to take part in traditional music and song events

What is a session?
There is no strict definition of a "session", but they could be described as essentially dynamic, organic informal music and social events. They provide an opportunity for traditional musicians and singers to swap ideas, to learn new tunes and songs, to blether, to play and sing together, and to welcome other musicians, singers and all into the fold. Sessions are inclusive – they do not have artists and audience – everyone is a participant.

Sessions are so good that people very often come specifically to participate in them, whether they are held. Sessions are not concerts or "gigs", which are usually formal and amplified performances. A session is not a performance; it is a social event with music and song in which everyone can participate. Sessions give visitors to Scotland an authentic experience of Scotland’s indigenous musical culture as well as local people an opportunity to come together in music, song and sometimes, dance!

Information for venues who would like to be part of the project

Even if you have hosted one of the TMSA-run National Sessions Programme events before, we will need you to fill in a registration form as some of the terms and conditions as described below have been altered a bit and we also want to make sure we have the most up to date details for everyone to make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunities!

The Sessions are unamplified, inclusive and participatory, all players and singers are welcome in a session. In addition, people often recite stories and poetry and this is also appreciated.

When advertising your Homecoming Sessions we would recommend that you encourage other musicians bring along their instruments and voices to join in. This type of participation is what being in a session is all about and is to be encouraged, especially if you would like to encourage the session to continue after this programme ends (which unless we get more funding it will have to unfortunately!)

The Session musicians will be contracted to lead the session for three hours. However, please note it is very common for short breaks in the music to occur regularly and conversation between musicians and establishment customers is very normal and is to be encouraged, this too is part of a normal session experience. We expect that the musicians are able to take an up to ten minute break each hour but this is also within their discretion if they decide to take it or not.

It is possible that the session will continue after the three hours – with or without the lead musicians. It would be helpful to know when planning the Sessions with you as a venue if this is possible so the available times can be clearly communicated.

The Session should have a location in the venue free from other intrusive noise such as that emanating from a juke box, TV, pool table, fruit machine etc. We also expect that due consideration will be given wherever possible to sports fixture dates and times during the planning of the programme with yourself to avoid cancelling sessions at late notice wherever possible.*

Each session will have two musicians contracted to lead the session.

The venue is responsible for paying each contracted musician thirty pounds (£30) on the night. This is a total outlay of sixty pounds (£60) for each session. Each musician will sign a receipt form signifying receipt of the £30 paid by the venue and this will be retained by the venue. The contracted musicians will receive the rest of their payment (£30 each) by invoicing the TMSA.

We do offer the option of the venue paying the full amount (£60 each musician) on the night and invoicing the TMSA for repayment of £30 per musician per session. Please let us know if this will suit you and we can make the relevant arrangements.

Please note we ask each musician to ensure a receipt form for the money they receive is completed on the night to keep a track of payments from yourselves.

Musicians often appreciate some free refreshments provided during the course of the Homecoming 2014 Session!

Information & Publicity Packs
Each venue will be supplied with an Information Pack in advance of the session. It will contain:-

  • Written confirmation of the session date and time
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Posters/leaflets to advertise each session
  • Receipt forms for the musicians
  • Venue Evaluation Forms for the venue to complete (see below)
  • Participant Feedback Forms (see below)

We are aware that some venues were able to/interested in printing the publicity posters/leaflets themselves. This is something ideally that will be arranged during the planning of your Session Programme so both you and the TMSA know what is expected in this area from the start.

Venue Evaluation Forms - Each venue must complete a small amount of evaluation paperwork - A Venue Information Sheet giving us some baseline information about your venue and a Venue Feedback Sheet. Neither will be complicated or time-consuming to complete. This will enable the TMSA to evaluate the project as a whole and previous feedback has helped us secure funding so that the sessions have been able to run every so often. Hopefully we will be able secure more continuous funding at some point to properly develop the programme!

Participant Feedback Forms - Each venue will also be supplied with Participant Feedback Forms. The musicians will collect them from the venue on the night and be responsible for them being completed and returned to the TMSA. Again this feedback has been a key reason we have had further funding.

Other opportunities
There is the possibility we may receive further funding to run taster sessions or ‘classes’ based around the Session Programme to encourage more people to take part in the events. In the registration form, please indicate your interest in being considered to do this work and what level/nature of teaching/tutoring you have done or are currently doing.

Also through some of the links we are making around Homecoming and beyond there maybe the possibility of food and drinks promotions being offered to Sessions venues – please indicate in the venue registration form if this will be of interest to you!

Thanks and we look forward to working with you in 2014 and hopefully beyond!

* If this turns out to be an issue which interferes with the ability of the musicians to lead the session and your patrons to enjoy taking part in or listening to the music when the session is running the TMSA reserve the right to cancel the rest of the Sessions scheduled for the venue, if the issue is not remedied after discussion with yourselves.

Click here to register as a venue who is interested and able to take part in the Sessions Programme.